Neue Zahlen zum Börsengang: 901 Millionen aktive Nutzer weltweit – 3.2 Mrd. Likes & Comments am Tag

Neue Zahlen zum Börsengang: 901 Millionen aktive Nutzer weltweit – 3.2 Mrd. Likes & Comments am Tag

Seit Februar ist es offiziell: Facebook geht an die Börse. In diesem Zusammenhang werden immer neue Details bekannt. Im neusten Dokument von heute Nacht hat Facebook unter anderem die Nutzerzahlen aktualisiert. Die Plattform strebt immer weiter auf die Milliarde zu:

  • 901 Millionen Menschen Nutzen die Facebook Plattform im Monat (d.h. loggen sich mindestens einmal im Monat ein)
  • 3.2 Milliarden „Gefällt mir“ und Kommentare werden täglich erzeugt
  • 300 Millionen Photos werden am Tag auf Facebook hochgeladen (d.h. über 100 Milliarden Bilder pro Jahr)
  • 125 Milliarden Freundschaften unter den Nutzern
  • Im März 2012 waren 526 Millionen Nutzer täglich auf Facebook online (im März 2009 waren dies noch 92 Millionen Nutzer)
  • 488 Millionen Menschen nutzen Facebook auf einem mobilen Endgerät im März 2012
  • 1,058 Mrd. US$ Umsatz im ersten Quartal 2012
  • Ausgaben und Kosten in Höhe von 677 Mio. US$ im ersten Quartal 2012
  • Reingewinn von 205 Mio. US$ im ersten Quartal 2012
  • Umsatz in den Vorjahren:
    • 2011: 3,711 Mrd. US$
    • 2010: 1,974 Mrd. US$
    • 2009: 777 Mio. US$
  • Reingewinn in den Vorjahren:
    • 2011: 1 Mrd. US$
    • 2010: 606 Mio. US$
    • 2009: 229 Mio. US$

Weitere Details zu diesen Zahlen erhaltet ihr im offiziellen Dokument zum kommenden Börsengang von Facebook. Nicht neu aber durchaus interessant ist natürlich auch wie Facebook selbst den Nutzen seiner Plattform darstellt:

How We Create Value for Users

Our top priority is to build useful and engaging products that enable you to:

  • Connect with Your Friends. With more than 900 million MAUs worldwide, our users are increasingly able to find and stay connected with their friends, family, and colleagues on Facebook.
  • Discover and Learn. We believe that users come to Facebook to discover and learn more about what is going on in the world around them, particularly in the lives of their friends and family and with public figures and organizations that interest them.
  • Express Yourself. We enable our users to share and publish their opinions, ideas, photos, and activities to audiences ranging from their closest friends to our 900 million users, giving every user a voice within the Facebook community.
  • Control What You Share. Through Facebook’s privacy and sharing settings, our users can control what they share and with whom they share it.
  • Experience Facebook Across the Web. Through apps and websites built by developers using the Facebook Platform, our users can interact with their Facebook friends while playing games, listening to music, watching movies, reading news, and engaging in other activities.
  • Stay Connected with Your Friends on Mobile Devices. Through the combination of our mobile sites, smartphone apps, and feature phone products, users can bring Facebook with them on mobile devices wherever they go.

Foundations of the Social Web

We believe that the web, including the mobile web, is evolving to become more social and personalized. This evolution is creating more rewarding experiences that are centered on people, their connections, and their interests. We believe that the following elements form the foundation of the social web:

  • Authentic Identity. We believe that using your real name, connecting to your real friends, and sharing your genuine interests online create more engaging and meaningful experiences. Representing yourself with your authentic identity online encourages you to behave with the same norms that foster trust and respect in your daily life offline. Authentic identity is core to the Facebook experience, and we believe that it is central to the future of the web. Our terms of service require you to use your real name and we encourage you to be your true self online, enabling us and Platform developers to provide you with more personalized experiences.
  • Social Graph. The Social Graph represents the connections between people and their friends and interests. Every person or entity is represented by a point within the graph, and the affiliations between people and their friends and interests form billions of connections between the points. Our mapping of the Social Graph enables Facebook and Platform developers to build more engaging user experiences that are based on these connections.
  • Social Distribution. Over time, people are consuming and creating more kinds of information at a faster pace across a broader range of devices. The growing volume of information makes it challenging to find meaningful and trusted content and to effectively make your voice heard. Facebook organizes and prioritizes content and serves as a powerful social distribution tool delivering to users what we believe they will find most compelling based on their friends and interests.

How We Create Value for Developers Through the Facebook Platform

The Facebook Platform is a set of development tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enables developers to easily integrate with Facebook to create social apps and websites and to reach our 900 million users. Platform developers build experiences that allow our users to connect and share with friends while engaging in a wide range of activities. Platform developers range from a student on his or her computer at home to teams of programmers at leading websites. We are focused on the growth and success of Platform developers by enabling:

  • Personalized and Social Experiences. We enable Platform developers to create better products that are personalized and social and that offer new ways for our users to engage with friends and share experiences across the web and on mobile devices. For example, a Facebook user can visit the Pandora website and immediately begin listening to a personalized radio station that is customized based on the bands the user Likes on Facebook.
  • Social Distribution. We enable Platform developers to reach our global user base and use our social distribution channels to increase traffic to their apps and websites.
  • Payments. We provide an online payments infrastructure that enables Platform developers to receive payments from our users in an easy-to-use, secure, and trusted environment.

How We Create Value for Advertisers and Marketers

We offer advertisers and marketers a unique combination of reach, relevance, social context, and engagement:

  • Reach. With over 900 million MAUs, Facebook offers the ability to reach a vast consumer audience with our advertising solutions.
  • Relevance. Advertisers can specify that we show their ads to a subset of our users based on demographic factors and specific interests that they have chosen to share with us on Facebook or by using the Like button around the web. We allow advertisers to select relevant and appropriate audiences for their ads, ranging from millions of users in the case of global brands to hundreds of users in the case of smaller, local businesses.
  • Social Context. We believe that the recommendations of friends have a powerful influence on consumer interest and purchase decisions. We offer advertisers the ability to include “social context” with their marketing messages. Social context is information that highlights a friend’s connections with a particular brand or business, for example, that a friend Liked a product or checked in at a restaurant. We believe that users find marketing messages more engaging when they include social context.
  • Engagement. We believe that the shift to a more social web creates new opportunities for businesses to engage with interested customers. Any brand or business can create a Facebook Page to stimulate an ongoing dialog with our users.

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