Unlocking TikTok SEO: 5 Tips to Boost Visibility and Engagement

Gastbeitrag von Kineta Kelsall

With TikTok becoming a primary search destination for information and products, the significance of considering and refining your SEO strategy on the platform is key. Beyond creating SEO-friendly content, a reactive social approach aligned with users‘ search intent is important to stand out too. The relationship between search and creativity is now more essential than ever. And to show up you need to stand out. 

Unlike Google users who often seek immediate solutions, TikTok users navigate based on precision AND also interest keywords. This means a more creative approach to keywords, not just in the post’s body but also in text overlays on videos and the language used within video content. 

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Here are some top tips for TikTok SEO:

Utilise TikTok’s Keyword Insights tool. Gain insights into trending keywords on the platform and find creative inspiration link here. This will ensure your content creation approach is data driven and informed by platform trends. 

Leverage TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant 

This tool also provides valuable keyword insights categorised by trends, helping with brainstorming creative ideas and copywriting. Ensuring that your approach to content again is based on platform data rather than assumption Link here

Build TikTok videos that inform and educate 

To improve TikTok SEO, move your content strategy from just showcasing products to creating an experience that captivates audiences. For example, if your goal is to rank for ’natural acne creams,‘ refrain from a straightforward product display. Instead, opt for an engaging approach where the video’s creator delves into the product’s reasons and provides a valuable exchange. This not only makes the content more intriguing and useful but also moves away from basic product promotion, increasing the likelihood of better ranking on the For You page.

Optimise character limits and hashtags 

Avoid keyword stuffing in the body of the post and hashtags. Incorporate both popular and niche hashtags within your category to maximise reach. Use the search bar to determine the associated volumes to guide your seo strategy. 

Implement text overlay for accessibility and keyword ranking

Improve accessibility and boost keyword ranking by incorporating text overlays on your videos, particularly within the first few seconds. Integrating text that prompts viewers to engage with the text not only extends their viewing time but also reinforces recall. 

By staying abreast to trending keywords, leveraging tools, and adopting creative approaches to user search queries gives your content a better chance of standing out but most importantly connecting with TikTok audiences so they watch.

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