Download: 16 offizielle Facebook Ads Case Studies

Aus unserem Blog kennt ihr die unterschiedlichen Facebook Engagement Ads in Deutschland, viele Tipps zum Erstellen von Facebook Ads oder auch die einzelnen Möglichkeiten zum Targeting der Ads. Wie wirksam diese Ads sein können zeigt auch ein neuer Nielsen Report über die Formel für effektive Facebook Ads.

Titelblatt des Nielsen Reports zu Facebook Ads

Auch Facebook selbst stellt auf der eigenen Seite immer wieder Case Studies zur Verfügung. Wir haben euch 16 Facebook Ads Case Studies zusammengefasst und bieten euch diese als zusammengefasste Zip-Datei oder einzeln zum Download an. Die Case Studies sind von unterschiedlicher Aktualität und beziehen sich alle auf den US Raum. Einige Beispiele sind sehr beachtlich und reichen bis hin zu einem Return of Investment von 877% oder Klickraten von 12% und mehr. Auch wenn einige Ads Ausnahmefälle darstellen und es in letzter Zeit schwerer geworden ist so erfolgreiche Kampagnen zu starten lohnt sich ein Blick in die Case Studies. Falls ein deutsches Unternehmen eine Case Studie mit uns teilen will sind wir für Input und ein paar Gespräche sehr offen. Hier nun der Downloadlink zur Sammlung:

Download: 17 Facebook Ads Case Studies (ZIP, 2.4 MB)


1. Wedding Paper Divas Case Study

Wedding Paper Divas offers exclusive designs by well-known and up-and- coming artists who design wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, thank you cards, and other stationery…
– Wedding Paper Divas saw a nearly 1% conversion rate from Facebook Ads and about a 110% return on investment.

DownloadWedding Paper Divas Case Study (PDF, 0.7 MB)


2. Bevy Case Study (Applikation)

Bevy is the place for women to discuss and discover fashion. Whether she’s building a custom wardrobe, seeking answers to a burning fashion question or finding the hottest new…
– A significant proportion of Bevy’s first time user traffic was driven by Facebook Ads.

Download: Bevy Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


3. SumoKhan Case Study (Applikation)

HanPerson is an early stage startup focused on providing compelling applications and games that leverage the social web. Their first game, SumoKhan, is a Sumo-themed social fighting game on …
– Within 3 weeks of launching, the SumoKhan user base grew from zero to over 1,500 daily active users.
– Consistent and targeted advertising resulted in an average user spending 18 minutes per day in SumoKhan.

Download: SumoKhan Case Study (PDF, 0.4 MB)


4. Case Study (Marktforschung)

WiseChoice is a new company founded to help high school students make better decisions about choosing a four year college and figuring out how to pay for the costs. To assist families with this complicated and stressful process, WiseChoice wanted to assess the personality…
– 45% of the Facebook users who started the survey completed it versus only 28% from other marketing channels.

Download: Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


5. Nextbook.org_Case Study (Kunst & Kultur)

Capacity Interactive Inc. is an eMarketing consulting firm for culture and the Arts. Representing, a non-profit organization focused on Jewish literature, culture and ideas, Capacity Interactive decided to advertise on Facebook to target Nextbook’s very…
– The first week of the Facebook Ads campaign, Nextbook saw a 13% conversion rate from Facebook users versus their 1% average from other channels.

Download: Nextbook.org_Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


6. Art Meets Commerce Cast Study (Kunst & Kultur)

Art Meets Commerce is a new media advertising/marketing company and commercial producer of live entertainment primarily for Broadway and Off Broadway …
– Investment = $4,414.40, Number of clicks = 5,717, Conversion of clicks to ticket holders = 30.2%, Total revenue from social network code = $43,130, The return on investment = 877%

Download: Art Meets Commerce Cast Study (PDF, 0.2 MB)


7. Rothbury Case Study (Kunst & Kultur)

AEG Live and Madison House teamed up to create a brand new festival in the heart of Michigan featuring some of today’s top and upcoming talent across a wide range of …
– The day the ROTHBURY Facebook Ad campaign began, the ROTHBURY Page tripled from 50 new fans per day to 150 new fans daily.

Download: Rothbury Case Study (PDF, 0.3 MB)


8. G5 Search Marketing Case Study (Dienstleistung)

G5 Search Marketing is reinventing local marketing by giving business owners visibility into what advertising efforts produce the most profitable customers. Representing StorQuest Self Storage, G5 helped…
– 10% conversion rate from visits originating from Facebook Ads.
– On par with Google AdWords on a cost-per-lead and cost-per-customer basis.

Download: G5 Search Marketing Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


9. Case Study (Dienstleistung)

Povo is an ever-expanding block by block encyclopedia of knowledge on Boston where both content and functionality is editable by users.  It is a new kind of open-source local guide that provides a platform for locals…
– Generated the lowest CPCs of all display advertising activities.

Download: Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


10. CM Photographics Case Study (Dienstleistung)

CM Photographics prides themselves on a fun, laid back, yet professional demeanor that allows their clients to feel at ease, be themselves, and fully enjoy their wedding…
– Over 12 months, CM Photographics generated nearly $40,000 in revenue directly from a $600 advertising investment on Facebook.

Download: CM Photographics Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


11.Bonobos Case Study(Einzelhandel)

Bonobos is a clothing company that sells well-tailored, fashionable clothing to men who hate to shop in retail…
– At the peak of Bonobos’ marketing campaign on Facebook, 10% of their site traffic was driven by Facebook.

Download: Bonobos Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


12. Fixation Accessory Store Case Study (Einzelhandel)

Fixaction Accessory Store Inc. is a women’s, men’s and children’s shoe and accessory store based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. They aim to keep their customers wearing…
– 85% of people coming into the store have mentioned the Facebook Ads. On average, people who come in are purchasing 2 pairs of shoes.

Download: Fixation Accessory Store Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


13. Threader Case Study (Einzelhandel)

Threader is based in New York City and is the first hip-hop clothing marketplace for entertainers and choreographers. The site enables cross promotion for partners who…
– Their Facebook CPC ads drove 3x more traffic than normal ads. Of the visitors, 87% were new customers, which they were able to leverage towards sales.

Download: Threader Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


14. Wildchild Case Study (Einzelhandel)

Wildchild Nation is a premier lifestyle streetwear apparel company based in New York City. They focus on producing women’s quality, trend-right designs influenced by…
– The larger fan base enabled Wildchild to reach a bigger audience through their Page status updates. This ultimately lead to more sales.

Download: Wildchild Case Study (PDF, 0.2 MB)


15. ShopLocal Case Study (Einzelhandel)

ShopLocal brings most top U.S. retailers’ regional weekly circulars online. Its mission is to connect retailers and shoppers, online and in the…
– Optimization doubled CTR and allowed ShopLocal to scale daily clicks per market 2,000%

Download: ShopLocal Case Study (PDF, 0.4 MB)


16. All Nippon Airways Case Study (Einzelhandel)

ANA is a leading Japanese provider of air transportation services with the highest priorities on service and safe operations. ANA operates as one of the world’s largest airlines, serving…
– Average campaigns for ANA result in CTR of 8 – 12%. Facebook Ads resulted in a 25% CTR.

Download: All Nippon Airways Case Study (PDF, 0.1 MB)


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