Facebook Developer: Massively Parallel Datastructures – AtomicHashMap (Video)

Facebook Developer: Massively Parallel Datastructures – AtomicHashMap (Video)

Auf der Facebook Engineering Seite haben wir einen sehr interessanten Vortrag mit dem Titel „Massively Parallel Datastructures – folley: :AtomicHashMap“ gefunden:

In today’s world of multicore systems with vast available memory, and complex applications operating on heavily interconnected graphs of data updated in real time, mutex-based concurrency leaves a lot of performance on the table. This talk digs into the details of AtomicHashMap, a high performance hash map based on wait-free design principles, plus two supporting technologies that are also useful as stand alone modules—a new thread local implementation, and a high throughput concurrent counter.

Entwickler Spencer Ahrens gibt über eine Stunde lang einen Einblick in das Thema: 

Die Präsentation ist natürlich auch verfügbar.

Massively Parallel Datastructures von Spencer Ahrens (PDF 7.8 MB)

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