„Quality connections – build a strong network of loyal followers and let them tell your story for you.“ – Interview mit Joe Morley von Facebook

Am Donnerstag spricht Joe Morley von Facebook auf der AllFacebook Marketing Conference in Berlin über „What you still don’t know about marketing on Facebook”. Wir haben die Gelegenheit genutzt, und ihm schon im Vorfeld ein paar Fragen gestellt:

 1. Hi Joe! Nice to meet you! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Guten Tag! I joined Facebook 4 months ago (feels a lot longer but in a good way). I am based in the Dublin office (EMEA HQ with over 400 other Facebook guys and gals) and as the Head of PMD EMEA I am building a team to manage and support the PMD program outside of the US. To date it has been managed from the US but now we are putting in local resources to make a big push internationally.  I was originally born Dublin but spent most of my career living and working in continental Europe – so after a very long time I am now back „home”.

2. Head of PMD EMEA? Can you explain to our readers what the PMD Program is and how they can get in? 

Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) is a program designed specifically for Marketing Developers. It’s for people building tools for other businesses to help them to make their marketing on Facebook more efficient. Most people think of Facebook developers as App developers for e.g. Netflix, Spotify, King.com and many more –  but we have a vibrant growing community of developers developing for businesses – specifically marketers.

3. What can these companies and developers expect from being a PMD? 

This is a huge untapped market opportunity for media tech companies. Facebook has deliberately decided to focus on the core platform openness and stability and is fostering a network of companies to build the really innovative, sophisticated and funky tools for marketers to use.  It is a unique opportunity for the ecosystem of partners to build and grow business together with Facebook as we grow and we have seen lately some PMDs in the US who have been acquired.

4. Why should a marketer hire a sPMD?

To make their marketing on Facebook more efficient, transparent and easier to measure. It’s all about programmatic ad buying, optimization, and promotion as much as possible. With 260+ members in 35+ countries, PMDs are the social experts at the forefront of helping marketers and advertisers establish and grow lasting connections with customers.

5. For anybody else who’s in marketing on Facebook, what is in your opinion the most important point for having success on Facebook? 

Quality connections – build a strong network of loyal followers (quality is more important than quantity) and let them tell your story for you. Your connections can do that better than you! Let them tell your stories – all you have to do is provide them with interesting, useful and right content to spark conversations with their friends, families and connections.

6. As Facebook is changing so fast, what can we expect from 2013?

This is the biggest opportunity for Ad Tech developers that the market has seen in a long time. The clients are hungry for innovative and useful tools than meet their evolving needs to market on Facebook and we have build the APIs to allow the brightest and the best companies build those tools. I have high hopes for Germany. My aim is to increase 10x the number of client using PMD tools to manage and measure their Facebook Marketing Campaigns in Germany.

7. Thanks a lot! We’re happy to have you in Berlin next week, have you been there before?

I am looking forward to the conference and to my conversations  – I have never been to Berlin. I have friends and family in Düsseldorf and have visited Cologne, Bonn and many other places but my only link to Berlin is my favorite U2 Album “Achtung Baby” – recorded if I am not mistaken in 1991 in Berlin – which is kind of an interesting coincidence as the Facebook office in Dublin looks out over U2’s old studio in Dublin’s docklands where they recorded most of their early albums!


Philipp Rothhttp://www.allfacebook.de
Philipp ist Gründer von allfacebook.de und beschäftigt sich seit langem auch beruflich mit Facebook, organisiert Workshops, hält Vorträge und gibt konzeptionellen Input. Er realisiert viele der heute sehr erfolgreichen Auftritte und Applikationen auf Facebook und setzt seinen Fokus auf die Strategie von Unternehmen im Social Web. - Philipproth.com - Über AllFacebook.de

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