Nutzerzahlen, Yahoo integriert Facebook, Entwickler Verifizierung, Tab Änderungen uvm. (Kurzmitteilungen 32)

Nutzerzahlen, Yahoo integriert Facebook, Entwickler Verifizierung, Tab Änderungen uvm. (Kurzmitteilungen 32)

Rekord Nutzerzahlen auf Facebook (Quelle: Techcrunch)

Ein paar News der letzten Tage die wir nicht abdecken konnten…

Privacy, Schmivacy: Facebook Is Attracting Near-Record Numbers Of New Visitors

Despite all the recent hand-wringing about Facebook’s privacy failures and the company’s attempts to simplify privacy controls in response to the uproar over the past month and a half, there has been no visible impact on Facebook itself. In fact, the mont of May was one of the strongest ones ever for Facebook, as measured by net new visitors.

According to comScore, Facebook attracted 130 million unique U.S. visitors in May, 2010, an increase of 8.6 million people. That jump represents the third largest single-month increase in unique visitors since comScore started measuring. Pageviews were up 11 percent in May to 55.5 billion. (mehr bei Techcrunch)

Yahoo goes All In with Facebook

Users will be able to log into Facebook right on the Yahoo home page as well as other places throughout Yahoo, like mail. Most interactions on Yahoo will, like leaving comments on stories and status updates in mail and on the home page, will give users the option of posting that content as well to Facebook. (mehr bei TechCrunch)

Facebook Now Requiring Developer Verification

All developers will need to verify their accounts through Facebook’s standard account verification procedures before being allowed to create new applications on the platform, Facebook announced today in a blog post.

Platform verification is not a new topic for Facebook, but today marks the first time developers themselves will be require to provide verification. (mehr bei Inside Facebook)

Facebook: Changes to Tab Dimensions on Pages Likely Coming in “Late July”

Last October, when Facebook laid out its Platform Roadmap for the next several months, it announced that thedimensions of custom tabs on Facebook Pages would be changing from 760 pixels wide to 520 pixels wide in “late 2009/early 2010.”

As we’ve been covering since, this is a pretty important change for all agencies and Page managers to be aware of, because this means that all Pages that have created custom tabs (either application tabs or landing tabs designed around promotions) will need to be updated to fit the new width. If not, they might look broken or poorly designed. (mehr bei Inside Facebook)

Mark Zuckerberg: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing with Location Yet

While Mark Zuckerberg may have a plan for simplifying Facebook’s privacy controls, apparently the social networking site has still not decided how it’s going to implement location-based features.

During a Q&A session on Facebook’s privacy controls today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was asked about what role privacy will play in Facebook’s location-based features. His response was twofold: First, he was not prepared to discuss the company’s new location-based features because it has not finished building them yet and, secondly, he admitted that frankly the company doesn’t know what exactly it’s going to do with geolocation yet. (mehr bei Mashable)

Facebook’s Insignia and the Company’s Ultimate Mission

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage of the D8 Conference to discuss privacy, his role as CEO, and the stupid things he did in college. There were many uncomfortable moments in his Q&A with co-hosts Kara Wisher and Walt Mossberg (it wasn’t pretty), but the oddest moment of the entire interview came from his sweater.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark hoodie stole the show. After Kara Swisher suggested that he take it off, a circular insignia (pictured above) was revealed on the inside of the hoodie. Who knew Facebook’s CEO has been wearing the “Facebook Mission Seal” all this time? (mehr bei Mashable)

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