Insights API, Does Facebook make businesses any Money?, Facebook SEO, Vorteile von Likes, VZ+Friendticker, … – Kurzmitteilungen 42

Ein paar interessante Themen der letzten Tage über die wir nicht berichten konnten:

  • Facebook Insights API Now Shows if Page Post Likes and Comments Come From Mobile – Over the last week, Facebook has quietly improved the Insights API for Page posts such that admins can now tell the percentage of their Post Likes and comments that came through a mobile device. The device source data can help Pages that use third-party analytics tools to interpret the Insights API determine what type of devices their audience are using to consume their content, which could help them optimize their post content mix.
  • Facebook is Great, But Does It Make Businesses Any Money? – There is no shortage of hype around social media, especially for the space’s most dominant player, that 500 million user-strong behemoth called Facebook. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, the need to jump on the social Web bandwagon is pretty much a given at this point. Indeed, more than 70% of small businesses use Facebook, according to a recent Merchant Circle survey.
  • How to Optimize Your Brand’s Facebook Page For Search Engines – So your company has mastered search engine optimization (SEO) for the brand’s main Website and established a killer social media strategy, both of which are driving hordes of traffic and new business. Way to go. Both are critical to your company’s success online, but have you connected these two very important dots? 
  • 8 Benefits to Facebook ‚Likes‘ | Practical eCommerce – Last week, I addressed strategies for increasing numbers of Facebook Likes, in „15 Ways to Get Liked on Facebook.“ This week, I discuss 8 reasons why getting Likes can benefit your business, and I cite research that attempts to assign a value to each „Like.“
  • W&V: „Nicht alles, was bei Social Media als Erfolg verkauft wird, ist ein Erfolg“ – Mirko Lange, Geschäftsführer von talkabout communications in München und Social-Media-Dozent, ist zwar Social-Media-Fan, geht aber mit dem Thema äußerst kritisch um. Auf der Internet World schlachtete er kürzlich hintereinander gleich mehrere heilige Kühe, die die Branche sonst gerne überschwänglich als Social-Media-Erfolge feiert.
  • Pendant zu Facebook Places: Die VZ-Netzwerke integrieren friendticker » – Mit der iPhone-App der VZ-Netzwerke kann ab sofort bei Orten eingecheckt werden. Für die Bereitstellung der Funktion kooperiert das angeschlagene Social Network mit dem Berliner Location-Dienst friendticker.
  • Facebook Ad Prices Actually Fell, Marketing Firm Says – Ads on Facebook are decreasing in price, despite recent reports to the contrary, according to TBG Digital. In fact, in some markets, the suggested bid rate has dropped upwards of 40 percent, the exact rate which Efficient Frontier recently stated ads had increased by. Given that TBG Digital manages a large percentage of Facebook’s daily ad inventory (possibly the largest), we’d have to trust this latest report.
  • Facebook Extension From Chrome Lets You Get Intros – A Chrome extension for Facebook lets users ask friends for introductions to their contacts. Installing JotPop for Facebook adds a button to the right of the friend request button on the pages of your friends’ friends, saying “ask a friend about,” followed by the individual’s name. Click on that ask button, and a popup window asks who you’d like to introduce you.
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