Credits, CPM vs CPC, Comment Links, Places… (Kurzmitteilungen 34)

Credits, CPM vs CPC, Comment Links, Places… (Kurzmitteilungen 34)

How can brands use Facebook Credits?

The full introduction of Facebook Credits, and their availability (in the US at least) as gift vouchers in offline retailers, opens up a whole new world for brands on Facebook.

The early adopters are, as expected, social gamers: Facebook and Zynga settled their differences earlier this year to agree that players of Zynga games (such as Farmville) can use Facebook Credits to buy virtual goods.

The implications are enormous. Suddenly, Facebook offers a new revenue stream for brands, and has itself a sustainable revenue model that doesn’t rely on the fickle advertising market.

Virtual spending
Of course, Facebook isn’t the first social community to introduce a virtual currency; nor the first to sell that currency offline. Virtual worlds like … (Weiterlesen bei

CPM vs CPC: Which Should You Use For Facebook Ads?

When getting started with online advertising, one of the first questions people will ask is, “Should I bid on a CPM or CPC basis?” Ultimately it’s a personal preference for most advertisers, however this guide should help answer your questions and determine which you should use. By default, most people go the CPC route, however there are legitimate reasons to occasionally bid on a CPM basis. Read on to figure out which you should use.

How Facebook Ads Work
Before jumping in to the difference between cost per click (CPC) ads and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ads, we thought we’d provide a basic… (Weiterlesen auf

Facebook Disables Comment Links On Profiles


Facebook has taken a dramatic step, to cut down on spam (as far as we can tell): they’ve turned off the automatic linking of URLs within feed story comments. It’s a significant step as the company has spent the past month vigorously battling a large attack from spammers and hackers who have been attempting to prey unsuspecting users. While we’d assume that this is a temporary change as Facebook looks to cut down on the current rise in spam, it’s clearly underlies how big of a problem spam has become for Facebook… (Weiterlesen auf

Facebook Places – Product Updates and User Behavior Three Weeks In

In the weeks since Facebook launched its location service Places, it has been refining the product while users and businesses get more comfortable and explore its potential. Places is being further integrated around the site, with check-ins listed on the Events home page and in the right sidebar. Businesses have begun claiming their Places, opening that Place’s wall to user posts, photos, and more.
Recent Checkins Module: Upon launch, Places was more… (Weiterlesen auf

Facebook Places: What It Is, What It Isn’t, And Why It May Change The World

Today Facebook revealed its long-anticipated geolocation offering called “Places.” In many respects, Facebook’s offering doesn’t expand on the functionality you can find in current location-based services such as foursquare — you can check in at a place, share your location with friends, see who is nearby, and add a place. In fact, the most important contribution Facebook is making to the geolocation social space is not in form but scale. While foursquare counts around 2.5 million users in its base, Facebook has 500 million. This means that Facebook is positioned to introduce the benefits… (Weiterlesen auf

10 Facebook Advertising Tips For Brilliant Marketers

Your current Facebook ads don’t suck, it’s just that they could be better. When spending money on Facebook advertising, you must monitor your ad spend closely, as the expense can skyrocket and suddenly kill your campaign’s effectiveness. Too many Facebook advertisers are making beginner mistakes that end up making Facebook rich and the marketer broke. Stop making those mistakes! Use these tips below and dramatically increase your Facebook advertising skills.
Split Test Your Ads

One of the most important things for any advertiser is to ensure that the advertisements you are running are the best that they can be. Too often advertisers/marketers will launch a Facebook ad campaign and see that they just spend $100 and got little results and generalize that this must be the case for all campaigns on Facebook. The reality is that your ad campaign probably wasn’t performing well because your ad wasn’t great. The best marketers know that performance comes from testing… (Weiterlesen auf

7 Facebook Marketing Tips From World’s Top Pros

It’s no secret that Facebook is the most powerful social network on the planet. With 500 million active users, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for smart businesses.

To take your Facebook marketing to a new level, here are hot Facebook marketing tips direct from the top industry pros. You’ll want to incorporate these priceless ideas.

The best way to get the most from Facebook is to model the best. Find out who’s doing it right and getting real results, and model their strategies. Here are seven ideas from the top authorities in Facebook marketing. Take notes—these tips are too good to pass up!

#1: Bring Facebook to Your Website
“The number-one thing you can do is to bring… (Weiterlesen auf

New Security Features Lets Users End Active Facebook Sessions Remotely


Facebook is rolling out a new security allowing users to remotely log out of any Facebook session active on another device. If a user logs in to Facebook on a public computer or a friend’s mobile device and forgets to log out when they’re done, they can visit their Account->Account Settings->Settings->Account Security->Account Activity panel, and choose to end any active session… (Weiterlesen auf

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The Face of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in his college dorm room six years ago. Five hundred million people have joined since, and eight hundred and seventy-nine of them are his friends. The site is a directory of the world’s people, and a place for private citizens to create public identities. You sign up and start posting information about yourself: photographs, employment history, why you are peeved right now with the gummy-bea… (Weiterleseen auf

Exclusive: Facebook and Microsoft Deep in Talks About Deepening Search Ties

Facebook and Microsoft are discussing an agreement that would significantly expand the search relationship the pair have shared for many years, said several people with knowledge of the situation.
According to those sources, that includes the possibility for the software giant’s Bing search service to mine anonimized data from consumer usage of the social networking site’s recently introduced Like buttons.
The Like button, which Facebook has been trying to proliferate around the Web, allows users to indicate an interest in a page with one click that then tells their Facebook friends.
While the deal is not closed and… (Weiterlesen auf

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