100 Millionen Facebook Mobile Nutzer

100 Millionen Facebook Mobile Nutzer

Facebook Applikation fürs iPhone (Quelle: Facebook.com)

Facebook Applikation fürs iPhone (Quelle: Facebook.com)

Noch im September haben wir über 65 Millionen Facebook Mobile Nutzer berichtet. Kaum 6 Monate später ist diese Zahl auf über 100 Millionen Facebook Mobile Nutzer angestiegen. Ganz grob überschlagen erreicht Facebook also täglich in etwa 190.000 neue Nutzer mit ihren Mobile Diensten.

Facebook bietet dabei die unterschiedlichsten Dienste für mobile Endgeräte an:

Eine Auflistung aller Möglichkeiten ist unter www.facebook.com/mobile verfügbar.

Hier die Originalmeldung aus dem Facebook Blog:

We want as many people as possible to be able to access Facebook all the time, regardless of where they live or what device they carry. Today, we hit another milestone toward that goal, with more than 100 million people actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month. This usage happens on almost every carrier in the world and comes less than six months after we announced 65 million people on Facebook Mobile.

Through this growth, we have continued to try to improve the experience of these mobile products. We work with every major device manufacturer and many operators to ensure that we can provide the best possible mobile experience across the thousands of different devices, mobile operating systems and carriers you rely on.

With every new feature or product we bring to mobile, our goal is to offer the same value and user experience that people know on Facebook. Here are some of the recent mobile products we’ve launched with that goal in mind:

  • Mobile websites: Our mobile sites m.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com have been redesigned, enabling people to access Facebook from any mobile browser in more than 70 languages. With the explosion of smart phones, we want to make sure people have a great Facebook experience that scales with their device especially as people have begun to upgrade their devices more frequently.
  • Text messages: More than 80 operators in 32 countries enable millions of people around the world to stay connected and communicate with their friends on Facebook using SMS text messages. Recently we also launched a URL-shortening service called FB.ME that makes it even easier for people to share content. With FB.ME, you can share and access more through services like SMS that limit the number of characters in messages.
  • Applications: Facebook is already one of the most requested services on mobile, and we work with every major device maker and mobile operating system to bring applications and integrations to all platforms. We’re always improving these applications and have recently released updates for our applications on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Samsung. We also support a broad range of new Facebook experiences on devices from HTC, INQ, LG Electronics, Palm, Sony Ericsson and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

No matter which mobile device you own, you can always stay connected through Facebook using our mobile applications, sites or SMS. Find the right Facebook Mobile product for you at www.facebook.com/mobile.

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    Hi, vielen Dank für all die hilfreichen Infos auf dieser Seite. Eine Frage beschäftigt mich im Moment: Wenn ich mit meinem Handy (symbian s60 5th)Fotos o.a. posten möchte, landet das immer auf dem persönlichen Profil. Kann ich das nicht irgendwie so einstellen, dass es auf die Fanpage gelangt? Freue mich natürlich sehr über eine Antwort! lG Ben

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